Making healthcare
more accessible

We've made it our mission

What is the
HealthNow Vision?

There are so many areas in which you can be inhibited by cost barriers, your health should not be one of them. Our vision is a world in which all individuals have equal access to health.


The mission

When an individual is in need of a healthcare service, often the first point of worry is upfront cost. HealthNow allows users to split the cost of treatment over time through a frictionless in app process, tailored to the users needs and always interest free. The implementation of HealthNow creates a better relationship between end user and merchant by removing the stress of payment at the time of need.

HealthNow is a system built to create a seamless and stress free health journey. By enacting a buy now pay later platform that is available across all healthcare streams, our mission is to increase the acquisition of health services and encourage users and communities to make better and proactive health choices.



Prioritize A Healthier You

Customer focused product development which allows you to plan and put your health first. Keeping you healthy and well long term.


Empower Independence & Ownership

Putting the power back in the hands of HealthNow users to interact and transact with health providers in the ways that are preferential to you.


Create Accessibility & Opportunity

Foster solutions which create equitable health access for all health users, progressively and sustainably acknowledge and remove barriers


Actively Listen & Be Responsive

Continuously engage with users, hear and adapt to their valuable queries. Build products that meet customer wants and continuously refine products to perfection.


Protect Your Privacy & Fortify Your Data

Safeguarding your rights to privacy and data protection within your health journey. Trust in faithful policies and processes.

Steven Zinsli photo

Steven Zinsli

CEO & Founder

"When people know that they need to see a doctor, but then decide not to go because they’re choosing between the power bill or the appointment, we know we have a big problem. The patient suffers, their family suffers, the cost of health skyrockets when they end up in hospital for putting their health on the backburner - and health providers aren’t given the opportunity to use their skills to do what they do best - provide health."

Read more about our CEO and his journey building HealthNow and his strive to provide accessible healthcare.


What's your part in creating more accessible health?

Start your HealthNow journey whether its as a health business trying to provide a better health experience or health user looking for a better way to pay for their healthcare.