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How To Find Affordable Dentistry

After Pay For Dentistry

Healthcare can become a financial burden here in New Zealand which is why we believe in equal access to healthcare without individuals or families being prohibited by financial barriers. That is something we are working on changing and have developed a structure in which patients can find affordable and accessible healthcare for their every need. 

Prevention is a crucial component of New Zealand’s dental health programs. Its Ministry of Health has taken many steps to improve preventive services, including encouraging medical providers to integrate oral health into routine care. The significant rates of tooth decay in the United States and New Zealand reveal that neither country’s system of care has effectively implemented all evidence-based prevention strategies, and this is largely due to cost. It’s time for change. HealthNow hands the power back to you when it comes to controlling your recovery journey.

One of the most expensive and sometimes most neglected areas of adults’ health is their teeth. Basic dentistry is free in New Zealand until you are 18 but after that, you are financially responsible for the dental services you receive. That can be a shock to the finances of young adults especially. Thankfully, going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck for Kiwis, as we have partnered with selected dentists throughout the North and South Islands to offer affordable healthcare to those who need it. You never know when that may be.

What is after pay?

With our ethical health-specific Buy Now, Pay Later solution, you can receive the dentistry you need at participating dental surgeries and spread the cost of the expenses out between one and six weeks. Free to use, as well as being interest-free, HealthNow’s after pay option puts you back in control of your health and finances. 

How do I find dentists that offer after pay?

Download our app to find the health providers you need or simply take a look at our online directory to find a dentist near you. All the health providers in our directory care about their patients’ needs and have committed to improving their health journey.

How to plan ahead

You may be wondering if you can fund your health ahead of time so you are always one step ahead. With HealthNow you can self-insure by making manual contributions, putting however much you wish away for when you need it later. You can also subscribe to Future Health, choosing from one of our subscription plans which allows you to contribute to your future health without having to think about it. You can then use these funds in whichever sector of health you need to.To find out more about using after pay for your dental needs, contact us today and learn how to access Health Now, Pay Later to put a smile back onto your face.

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