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Attracting Investors: The Key Metrics and HealthNow’s Value Proposition

If you’re not going beyond traditional financial metrics to attract investors to your business and meet investment targets so you can stay on your growth and expansion trajectory, then you’re missing out. In today’s business landscape, investors are increasingly considering Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors when evaluating a company’s overall sustainability and ethical impact. Investors want the best of both worlds: businesses that are performing well, and that show a genuine care for their people that reflects strong business foundations. 

With 72% of the global workforce expected to be made of Millennials and Gen Zs by 2029, who place an even greater importance on ESG concerns versus their predecessors, company-wide health prioritisation is a strong asset with multifactorial benefits. This is one of the ways that HealthNow is being leveraged due to its ability to strongly support both staff and businesses and working in line with ESG principles. Specifically:

  • Investors typically assess a company’s financial performance through traditional metrics like revenue, profit margins, growth rates and more. Looking at a company through the ESG lens introduces additional considerations. This includes rates of absenteeism, presenteeism, productivity metrics, workplace culture and workplace health, all of which the healthcare access offered by HealthNow supports.
  • Investors closely monitor staff turnover and retention rates as indicators of workforce stability. A high turnover rate can raise concerns about organisational health. HealthNow’s emphasis on employee well-being, evidenced by utilisation rates of the HealthNow service (and hence healthcare access) as well as reductions in turnover rates over time, can quickly become a compelling factor for investors seeking long-term stability and commitment from the workforce.
  • The evolution of ESG reporting now includes a more comprehensive view of the “social” component, encompassing psychological safety. HealthNow plays a pivotal role in meeting these evolving ESG standards by addressing psychological well-being alongside physical safety. This positions businesses as forward-looking, aligning with the changing expectations of ESG-oriented investors.
  • Additionally on the social front, HealthNow’s reporting (in which each company gets a breakdown of how employees are collectively uptaking health services when given the funds to better and more proactively care for their health) helps companies understand the health needs and preferences of their workforce. This insight enables businesses to tailor their employee benefits and wellness programs to better meet the diverse needs of their employees. This inclusivity fosters a positive and supportive workplace culture, which is a key component of strong social responsibility. By actively investing in the health and well-being of their employees, companies demonstrate a commitment to social welfare and employee satisfaction, contributing to a positive reputation and brand image.
  • From an environmental standpoint, promoting employee well-being through health services can contribute to a more sustainable workplace. Healthy employees are likely to require fewer medical resources and generate less environmental impact associated with health-related issues. Moreover, by offering preventative health services, companies can contribute to a healthier society, reducing the overall burden on healthcare systems and promoting sustainable community development.
  • In terms of governance, HealthNow’s reporting provides companies with the data needed to make informed decisions regarding employee benefits and wellness initiatives. This aligns with good governance practices, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently and in line with the company’s values and objectives. Transparent reporting on the utilisation of health services also enhances accountability, demonstrating to stakeholders that the company is actively monitoring and managing the well-being of its workforce.
  • Companies embracing ESG strategies are not just engaging in feel-good activities; they are strategically positioning themselves for long-term success. Research shows that ESG-focused businesses with strong ESG performance are positively correlated with achieving higher equity returns, with reduced downside risks. HealthNow’s contribution to employee well-being contributes to this narrative of creating enduring value.
  • To attract investors, businesses need to develop a clear ESG narrative. HealthNow provides a tangible and impactful element to this narrative, showcasing a commitment to employee health and well-being. This resonates with investors who recognise the increasing importance of well-being within the broader ESG framework in the flexible and tangible way that the HealthNow platform offers.

It is important to note that ESG-oriented investing is not a fleeting trend – but a fundamental and enduring shift in the investment landscape that is only set to gather more traction. As green investments rival fossil fuel production, companies prioritising ESG principles, including employee well-being, are not only meeting current expectations but positioning themselves favourably for the future.

Additional Company Insights To Support ESG Practices

As touched on above, part of joining the HealthNow platform and offering it to employees is the reporting benefits. Specifically, HealthNow gives your company a full breakdown of how HealthNow funds are being utilised, offering additional insights into how to continue to best support the needs of that company in a more tailored, personalised and meaningful way.

This is one of the many ways that HealthNow continues to support the companies it partners with. Learn more about all the ways that HealthNow keeps your organisation supported here.

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