Customer Story – Hotel Elms Christchurch 

Hotel Elms Christchurch has been in business since the 1980’s, to have a track record that long in the hotel sector you have to ensure you offer a quality experience to your guests, consistently. The business offers accommodation, but also conference rooms and caters to a range of guests, from leisure travelers, to corporate and […]

Navigating Equity and Innovation: Key Takeaways from the RemNet Annual Conference 2023

Another week, another amazing event! The RemNet Annual Conference 2023, themed “Balancing Acts – Navigating Stability in Remuneration,” was a landmark event in the realm of workplace equity, labour dynamics, and technological integration – all of which the HealthNow team are totally fizzed about. Having our CEO and Founder Steve speaking was a great moment […]

HRNZ Future Workplace Forum

The HealthNow team had a great day at the HRNZ Future Workplace Forum this week. The high level attendee list of HR professionals shared a vision for leveraging technology to create best practice strategies for the future. Dr Michelle Dickinson kicked the day off with her high energy perspective of where technology is ‘now’ reminding […]

How to Access Healthcare and Rehabilitation after an Achilles Rupture

The Achilles tendon is the largest in the human body, connecting the calf muscles to the heel bone. It plays a crucial role in walking, running and jumping. However, an Achilles tendon rupture can occur when the tendon is stretched beyond its capacity, causing a partial or complete tear. This injury is common among athletes […]

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