Pay For Health Services With Afterpay

Pay for health services with afterpay

Accessible healthcare is an essential need of society here in New Zealand. We believe everyone deserves equal access to healthcare without having to worry about financial barriers or facing accessibility issues with the care they require to maintain a long and happy life. ‘Health is wealth’ as they say, and without it you cannot live your life to the fullest. Here at HealthNow, we want to lower the barrier to entry for quality healthcare, helping you receive the care you need, when you need it.

Our aim is to reshape the way patients interact with the health system. The way we see it, financial and societal boundaries shouldn’t prevent people from being able to receive the healthcare they need. In order to achieve this, we’ve designed some clever tools that allow New Zealanders to get the care they need now, and pay it off over time without exorbitant fees or interest attached. HealthNow hands the power back to you when it comes to controlling your recovery journey. Here is the smart way to access afterpay healthcare.

Can you use afterpay for healthcare?
Our ethical health-specific Health Now, Pay Later solution is simple and free to use. Be in control of how you repay your healthcare bill and when you repay your healthcare bill, with options between 1 and 6 weeks. The best thing? HealthNow is always interest-free.

How does it work?
No longer wait to get healthcare. Get it today and pay later. This way you can return to the best version of yourself quicker and return to work earlier, or just get back to enjoying a healthy and happy life. Next, you can enjoy your financial freedom by spreading out your repayments over a number of weeks, rather than being hit with one lump sum. It’s that simple; receive healthcare, pay later and receive support along the way.

How do I find health providers that offer afterpay?
Our website and mobile app both list health providers partnered with HealthNow throughout New Zealand that offer our pay later service. With almost 50 partners, we’re sure you can find healthcare services that suit both your needs and location. Every partner in our directory shows they have committed to making their services more accessible, and want to consciously provide a better payment experience for their customer’s health journey.

If you want to find out more about using afterpay for healthcare, contact our team today and learn how to access Health Now, Pay Later to make your life easier and healthier.