Buy Now, Pay Later for your healthcare

Pay later for your healthcare
The solution you have been waiting for!
Buy Now – Pay later for your healthcare. Get the care you need when you need it! 

No more financing for doctors appointments or racking up your credit card when you need treatment or health products. HealthNow makes health care more accessible by allowing you to spread the cost of your healthcare over time and pay after with a more effective financial solution with NO INTEREST ever and no fees if payments are made on time! 

Why is Buy Now Pay Later perfect for you and your healthcare appointments and needs? 

Well, no one plans to be sick, unwell or have medical events. This subsequently means that usually, we don’t save specifically for our health, and when these medical events come up out of nowhere, they tend to be a little bit of a surprise and sit outside of our current budget and financial planning.

Let’s be honest with each other too – healthcare is expensive and NO ONE likes spending money on healthcare. 

So what do we do? 

Take money out of a savings account that we had set aside for something we really wanted or for an event this weekend or maybe dip into our holiday fund. The worst case, that roughly 25% of us do, is put off the medical treatment we require and either delay or neglect our health needs. Leading longer periods than necessary of being unwell or in medical situations that are treatable!

By allowing you, the patient, the most important person in the healthcare journey to pay after or spread the cost of your care over time with our Buy Now, Pay Later solution. We know that you will access care sooner, leading to better health outcomes and quicker resolution of your health concerns. Giving you the power and independence to make the health decisions when you need to rather than when your bank account allows it.   

So next time you are thinking about financing your healthcare, using a credit card or trying to find a more affordable doctor. Stop and think about a more effective solution, get the health you need now and pay after with HealthNow’s Buy Now Pay Later solution

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