Brand assets

The purpose of this page is to provide guidelines on how to use HealthNow visual elements correctly and integrate our brand with your business. Let everyone know your an accessible health provider using HealthNow's digital assets on your site or social media and displaying our print assets in your store.

Our Logo

Our logo is a key visual element our brand it is important that it's used correctly.

Do not alter the HealthNow logo or icon provided to you in any way, including changing the colors, angle, or dimensions or relationship between elements.

HealthNow logo

This is our default logo lockup and colour combination, this is the most common version of our logo and will be used in most instances.



Our rounded banners are great for placing over images white still being clear and readable.



Our complete white logo is used for dark backgrounds and over darker imagery.


HN_Primary lockup_tagline_White

Logo with tagline can be used to communicate a snippet of the service we offer.


Our symbol

Our symbol represents our connection to our users and bridging the divide which impairs or prevents peoples access to health.

HN_symbol-colour (2)
No outlining
No outlining
HN_symbol-dark (2)
No changing colours
No changing colours
HN_symbol-White (2)
Never rotate
Never rotate

Our name



Health Now

In writing HealthNow always has a capital H and a capital N.
Never write HealthNow as Healthnow with a lowercase n.
HealthNow is one word. Never separate into health now.


Site banners

Our site banners are great to show your partnership with HealthNow on your website, using a site banner shows customers an alternative method of payment which studies show lead to an increase in purchase rates.

Site banner HN-white
HN_site banner-on white
popup info 2

Informational popup

Our informational popup image is perfect for a modal popup on your site. Activated when clicking on one of our banners to provide more information on how HealthNow works. Click below for an example

Social tile

Let your followers know that they can use HealthNow in your business by posting a social tile on your company social media. Get in touch for custom social tiles - Contact@healthnow.co.nz

merchant sign in

Getting started

Introducing HealthNow - Using our provider portal and training staff.


Communicating HealthNow

Best practice for explaining and communicating HealthNow to customers.