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HealthNow at Talent X 2023

Our Experience at Talent X, Auckland

The HealthNow team donned fresh, white branded t-shirts and set up our pull-up banner at the inaugural Talent X conference in Auckland. We approached this …

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employee health

Is It Just A Sore Tooth, Or A Sign Of Employee Health On The Back Burner? 

In today’s fast-paced world of modern work, employees often find themselves juggling multiple responsibilities, deadlines and commitments at work, which unfortunately can lead to employee …

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health knowledge skills

How Can You Equip Your Team With Health Knowledge And Skills?

In today’s fast-paced world, employers recognise the importance of supporting their workforce’s health and well-being. One innovative approach gaining traction is the concept of “employer …

Why The Future Of Business Is Digital & Sustainable

Earlier this year, the World Economic Forum shared about the future of business, with one of the conclusions being that businesses need to undergo digital …

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Managing A Potential Recession For Your Clinic

New Zealand is currently in a period of uncertainty when it comes to the financial future. Interest rates and inflation are rising, house prices are …

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Quiet Quitting: 5 Proactive Ways To Avoid It In Your Team

Quiet quitting, a new style of quitting that involves staying at a job but only performing precisely what the position requires, nothing more and nothing …

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Self Discharge: The Money Leak In Your Patient’s Life Cycle?

The lifecycle of one of your patients starts long before they walk through your clinic’s doors – it starts the moment they land on your …

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How Much Is Presenteeism Affecting Your NZ Business?

Woody Allen once said simply showing up accounts for 80% of your success, but when it comes to the workplace, a growing body of research …

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