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What Does Employer Aid Do For Businesses?

We help companies support the health of their staff without the burden of committing to fixed cost solutions, which have variable utility. Employer Aid enables businesses of all sizes with varying health budgets to support their workforce.

Attract talent-11



staff loyalty


Improve culture


Reduce absenteeism




of Kiwis delaying health

Healthy staff leads to stronger businesses

24% - 39% of New Zealanders are delaying or neglecting health due to cost related barriers. This significantly impacts the productivity of businesses. Help your staff prioritise the health they need, when they need it.

Introducing the unique Digital Health Wallet

HealthNow provides multiple features that encourage Kiwis to access health. Employer Aid offers employers a unique digital wallet to contribute funds towards, for employees to spend exclusively within defined health sectors.


of businesses

strongly agreed staff wellbeing initiatives were a major contributor to retaining high-performing employees


reduction in staff turnover


reduction in absentee rates

87% of New Zealand employees are currently unsatisfied with their current benefits

Leaving a significant gap in the market. Creating an opportunity for savvy businesses to step up and offer employees what they really want – better health benefits.

Employee benefits

Build your business up with skilled workers by providing the health solution that bring the best employee benefits.



Everyone deserves to access health when they need it. By contributing to your employees Health Wallet you are providing committed funds to ensure your entire workforce stays strong and healthy.



Unfortunately, healthcare is an expense people are reluctant to prioritise. By dedicating funds through Employer Aid, employers simplify the process of putting health first.


Better Health

Earlier acquisition of health leads to better health outcomes. Promote a healthier workforce, reduce illness and recovery time ensuring employees are happier, healthier, and more engaged.



Employees have the ability to use their Health Wallet funds within any of the predefined health sectors supported by their employer. No prior approval, no making claims, instant access always.

Ensure Your Money is Being Spent On Health And Wellness

Employer Aid gives employers the tools to ensure that your contributions are always utilized at health providers. Review Employer Aid utilization and customize which health sectors your business decides to support.


How Is It Different From Insurance?

Employer Aid works differently from traditional health insurance, we don't work to make a profit off of employees and employers. Our system is set up to prioritize health and encourage health utilization.

Employer Aid Traditional Insurance
Wide available utility
Support office
Health-specific network
No annual increase
No pre-existing check
No premiums
Utilize 100% of contributions
Customize individual access

No Administrative Stress.

Employer Aid has an easy to use employer portal that makes implementing and managing Employer Aid simple.


Implement With Ease

What is the Onboarding process? Where to next? How long does it take to get set up?

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Set your contributions

Select your contribution amount and define the health sectors for usage, with the ability to tailor to each individual staff member.

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Onboard staff

We assist with getting your staff set up to ensure they get the most out of your contributions with a supported  onboarding process.

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To find out more about offering Employer Aid in your business. Book a demo with one of our customer success team, where we run you through how HealthNow will work with your business and answer any questions you might have.