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Connecting employers with employee wellbeing. Providing a trusted network for your employees to access health. with Employer Aid, your staff can access the health services you’ve agreed to from an accessible HealthNow medical provider.

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How employer aid works?

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    Contribution on your terms

    Much like KiwiSaver you set up a designated contribution amount and register an employee for employer aid.

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    Remove the barriers for your staff

    Have an impact on your employees quality of life by providing accessible health. Get updates on your impact and measure the value of employer aid within your company.

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    Define health sector parameters

    HealthNow providers span over all health sectors, with employer aid choose which health sectors you want your employees to prioritize with their employer aid contributions.



Sick days are said to cost NZ employers in excess of 1B per year in addition to the risk of lowering productivity by 18%. This is before the current assessment of health access where currently, up to 24% of individuals are delaying and neglecting health due to cost barriers. 

Keeping your staff healthy promotes happy, productive staff with fewer sick days. 

  • Remove barriers stopping health access
  • Choose where employer aid is spent
  • Malleable to business needs

We customise our relationship with your business to fit what's best for you and your employees.

FREE for businesses to add funds

  • Not subject to FBT
  • Free for users to use funds
  • Ever growing network of trusted medical providers to keep your staff happy and healthy.

What are the contribution options?

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One off contribution

One payment of a set amount, contributed to employees digital Health wallets on a single occasion. This contribution has no expiry and is paid as a one off sum via employers payment preference.

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Mutual contributions

Both the business and the employee contribute to the employees digital health wallet, the employer contribution amount is set as a reoccurring percentage of the employees contribution plan.

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Set reoccuring

Reoccurring contributions paid via direct debit or payroll with a set amount and frequency.
Businesses can select their contribution value and recurrence unique for each employee.

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Annual availability

Employers decide an available amount with a set expiry to encourage health procurement. The employer is only billed once the funds have been redeemed at a health provider. Zero upfront cost.

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In annual abstentee
sick day costs for employers
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of employees who work in companies promoting wellbeing activities are more likely to recommend their company as an excellent workplace
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of employees think that workplace wellness programs positively impact the company culture
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Get your team on a better health journey

If you're interested in more information on our employer aid for businesses, we can set you up for a meeting to run through how HealthNow can work for your company. Our team are ready to answer any questions and get you started on becoming an accessible health employer.

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