Supercharge your employee benefit program

No one knows your employees like they do! Provide an allowance, choose accepted sectors and let employees transact with choice and simplicity.

An employee benefit that works for organisations and their employees

Choose your contribution, set accepted categories for use and track employee utilisation.

Admin Portal

Say goodbye to the administrative burden of wellbeing programs. Manage employee health and wellbeing contributions and view utilization in one simple place.

Employee Web App

Displaying what matters most to your employees. How much you have contributed, where they can spend it and management of their payment card. Removing any confusion.

Employee Card

Empowering employees by contributing funds to their health wallet. With the same transactional experience as purchasing their groceries. Powered by the HealthNow Card.

Experience the simplicity of the HealthNow platform for yourself

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The future of healthcare

Equitable healthcare is employer driven

Stress, illness and other health issues are some of the leading causes of disengagement. Consequently resulting in poor output, low productivity and high absenteeism – directly impacting revenue and retention within your business.
This is costing businesses
$6.2 billion a year
From actively disengaged employees.
$1.85 billion a year

In unplanned Absenteeism.

Of their annual salary on replacement costs.
Of absenteeism are due to sickness.

The ROI of Employee Wellbeing

  • Latest research globally on the state of wellness benefits
  • Quantitative data on the commercial return of investing in employee wellness
  • Three pillars to measure the ROI of the investment

Employees deserve

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Let HealthNow do the heavy lifting

Admin Free

Keep track of utilisation and measure the impact that you are having on the staff in your organisation

Stay in control

As the employer, selecting your contribution value will ensure it fits within your budget every time

Transparent pricing

When it comes to employee benefits, the economics matter. We provide transparent pricing
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