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Payment Features

HealthNow offers a secure and completely contactless payment experience, with the use of a 4 digit payment code. The user provide this uniquely generated code for the merchant to enter on their merchant portal, HealthNow transactions can be entirely remote and fully secure.

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Pay Now

Pay in person, over the phone or through video call in real-time. Better still, you don't have to tap or swipe your card on an EFTPOS machine. Pay Now function allows for users to have the benefit of using HealthNow features with the freedom to pay in full at the time of transaction.

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 Split your healthcare cost over 2 interest-free payments! Pay half at the time of treatment or purchase and pay the second ha week after that. Its a simple 50/50 split for when you don't have the out of pocket full cost at the time of need.

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Want to make each payment smaller? Spread the payment over three interest-free payments. Pay just a third on the day, a third next week and the final payment the week after that. Spreading the cost of health makes it that much easier to prioritize health and make those bigger health items fit your weekly budget.



Let’s do it in quarters. Chop your cost into 4 equal automatic transactions. Health doesn’t need to break the bank with large one-off costs with 4 you can easily spread the cost over the period that best suits you and your weekly budget.



With 5 you can selectively spread the cost of your healthcare over 5 weeks with 5 equal interest-free payments. With this hassle-free solution, you access health, while maintaining your financial freedoms to choose how long you would like to spread the cost over.   



Cutting a larger transaction into smaller pieces can make it that much easier to manage. With Pay in 6, it’s as easy as one click to spread the cost of a larger health item over a longer period. There’s no need to worry about math or manual payments, we automate the whole process.

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Health Wallet

HealthNow’s Health Wallet allows you to put money aside specifically for you, your family and their health. You choose the frequency and amount you want to contribute to your personal fund and 100% of what you put in is there for you to use when you need it! Use the HealthNow Wallet and put a bit of personal insurance in place for the small things.

Employer Aid

Want to show you care about your team? Be there when they need you most with employer aid and contribute to your employee’s Health Wallet. You choose the frequency and amount you contribute. You even get to select the level of utilization your employees have over the funds you contribute. Whether it's GP only, GP and Allied Health or full use, your employee will be extremely grateful to have the support of their employer when they need it most. *If an employee leaves, all funds contributed by an employer are returned to the employer on the day of termination.

Employee aid

More features coming soon

HealthNow is always working on new features to smooth out your health journey