Make your health service more accessible

Get paid instantly and increase your business opportunity.


Make it easier for you and your customers

Provide a simple, free to use, more accessible way for your patients to access your health service.

Increased customer base

Open your doors to more patients by removing the cost barrier of treatment in your practice.

Growth of engagement and product sales

With the ability to spread cost over time, customers spend more on health and wellness products at the time of need.

A Better Transactional Experience

Our transaction process provides a simple and stress free experience, allowing the customer to focus on their health and not the pain of upfront cost.

No Lock-In Contract.

Once you use HealthNow you will never turn back.
We don’t need to lock you in with a fixed-term contract!

 Try HealthNow, you have nothing to lose. It's risk free.

FREE onboarding and integration 




Integration made simple, executed with gold standard practice by experienced professionals. All pricing is upfront and easy to understand with a "pay as used" method. Merchant fees are transparent and clear from the outset to ensure mutual success.


Let HealthNow work for you

Remove your patients pain of upfront health cost 

Make it easier for your patients to see you and make it easier for you to sell them what they need to be better.

Be patient/client focused with more feedback

Know exactly what’s going well and what needs improving to promote continual success in your business.

Show your commitment to a better health system 

Where so many are people are struggling to access the care they need, stand out as a brand that cares about health and health acquisition

Instantly get paid in full, EVERYTIME

Never manage debts again. HealthNow ensures you're paid in full at the time of treatment.


Join our growing marketplace & reach more customers



Our provider map allows users to find the most accessible providers that are offering HealthNow, easily filter by service type and see locations nearest them.

Merchant dashboard
Provider dashboard

Access information and statistics that help you find valuable insights on your patients and how to create the best experience.

New transaction
Easy transactions

Our transaction process is quick and easy for both the user and the merchant, simply enter the transaction code and payment amount and send the transaction to the user.

Customer feedback
Customer feedback

Our in app review system allows us to get valuable feedback from our users and send it directly to you to improve the merchant customer relationship.

Transaction history
Transaction History

We make it easy to review and export your transactions.

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Why use HealthNow?


Potential customer increase

Up to 39% of patients will delay or neglect their health needs due to cost-related barriers. Smooth the cost element of your service and open your doors to more patients.


Growth in sales

Offering Buy Now Pay Later solutions increases customer engagment and purchase rates by up to 30%. Grow your business with gold standard transactional solutions.


Increase in repurchase rate

Transactional solutions remove barriers and make it easier for customers to continue to use your services. Leading better long term outcomes for health and wellness businesses and patients alike.

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