Help more clients get proactive about health.

Energise your business with Buy-Now-Pay-Later designed for nutritionists and dietitians.


Cost is the number one obstacle to proactive healthcare investment.

Drive positive health outcomes for more clients by providing flexible, affordable payment options.

Get paid up front, every time

Providers are paid up front for every transaction on HealthNow, while clients spread the cost over a period that works for them. We ensure seamless, reliable payment so you can focus on driving exceptional outcomes.


Move clients from one-offs to care packages

You’re more effective when you deliver care over multiple visits. But for many clients, paying upfront for multiple sessions isn’t possible. Make your packages as affordable as consultations, without discounting your services.

Find more health-conscious customers

Every day, HealthNow’s proactive, health-conscious users are searching for accessible healthcare providers on our Marketplace. Join the Marketplace in minutes to put your services in front a new, active, and engaged customer base.


We’re on a mission to make proactive healthcare accessible.

When someone knows they need to see a healthcare professional, but won’t book because it’s a choice between the power bill or an appointment, we have a huge problem. Patients suffer, families suffer, and healthcare costs skyrocket when hospitals are filled with patients who were forced to put health on the back burner.

Imagine a world where everyone has equal access to health.

By removing the cost barrier and giving patients the ability to spread healthcare expenses over time, HealthNow aims to fundamentally transform access to proactive healthcare. By increasing proactive, private spend on health and wellness, we can support healthy communities and reduce public healthcare spend.



Expansion of your client pool

Up to 39% of patients can’t meet their health needs due to cost. Remove the barrier and grow your customer base.


Jump in revenue

Buy-Now-Pay-Later increases purchases by 30%. Boost revenue with a payments solution designed for healthcare providers.


Increase in repurchase rate

Easy, affordable transactions make for happy, returning customers. Drive more repeat business with HealthNow.

World-class payments tech for healthcare providers

The market has spoken. Buy-Now-Pay-Later gets customers spending. HealthNow has redesigned a market-leading consumer payments model specifically to promote investment in proactive healthcare - with benefits for the consumer and for our communities.

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No monthly fees

Only pay for what you use. Get in touch to learn more about the clear and transparent pricing we apply only to new revenue generated on HealthNow.

No contract terms, no commitments

We’re so confident you’ll love HealthNow, we don’t ask for fixed-term commitments. Start your zero-risk trial for free, or book a call with our team to take a closer look at how HealthNow could help energise your business.

Free onboarding and integration

Get your listing live on our Marketplace in minutes with the help of our experienced, professional team.


Full-service payments technology for healthcare providers.

Built by healthcare providers, for healthcare providers (with some help from technology wizards). HealthNow understands and solves your unique payments challenges while you focus on what you do best: providing exceptional care to more clients.

Choose a socially-responsible payments partner

Yes, Buy-Now-Pay-Later has revolutionised consumer spending. But healthcare deserves a fit-for-purpose approach. HealthNow builds on the traditional model with features designed to promote sensible health spend - without the drawbacks common in credit arrangements.


Collect vital, private feedback

Use in-app reviews to collect honest, private, and valuable feedback from clients. Get on the front foot and address poor experiences to build strong client relationships, while helping raving fans leave public reviews.

No fuss, no hardware

Get paid in seconds, in person, with no hardware required. Simply enter a transaction code and payment amount, and send the transaction to your client for approval. Review transaction history and export receivables info at the click of a button.


World-class payments tech for healthcare providers

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Discover if HealthNow will work for you.

Energise your business with Buy-Now-Pay-Later designed for nutritionists and dietitians.