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Use HealthNow at participating health providers to split the cost of health expenses and get the care you need, when you need it. Always interest free.

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Get the treatment or service you need from a registered HealthNow Merchant.


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Get your unique 4 digit code on the payments page in our web app, give it to the person behind the counter.


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Choose how you want to divide the cost, HealthNow allows you to split it over a period of up to six weeks.

Use HealthNow and access the care you need when you need it from the provider of your choice

 Medical appointments

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Mental health

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Medical imaging

Wellness & Self-care

How HealthNow Works

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Simplify your
health journey

HealthNow smooths out your journey as a patient and provides a more financially intelligent, yet simple way to pay. Giving you the power to pay for the cost of your healthcare over time, with zero interest.

 Create an account

First sign up online, creating an account is completely free! You can do it on your computer or phone in under 2 minutes.


Add your card

Add a card to your account, all card details are processed through our secure payment facilitator.


New transaction

Once you've received your health service, provide your transaction code at the point of payment.


Choose payment

Then simply choose your payment plan, whether you want to pay now in full, or spread your payment over up to 6 weeks.


Check out where you can use Healthnow



Our provider map allows users to find the most accessible providers that are offering HealthNow, easily filter by service type and see locations nearest you.

The HealthNow mission

Remove barriers

Open doors for your health, Remove financial barriers and give you access to the healthcare you need when you need it.

Always interest free

Provide a service that doesnt cost you extra. An interest free, buy now pay later experience for the healthcare sector.

Improve health

Create an environment that promotes health aquisition, where you can effectively manage and keep track of your health.

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