Getting started

Welcome to HealthNow!

Thanks for becoming an accessible health partner. Together we are able to generate more accessible health and wellness opportunities for patients while simultaneously increasing business opportunities for you and your health-based business. 

Our integration guide will provide you with everything you need to be a successful HealthNow provider. We are committed to continually working with you and your business to ensure shared ongoing success with the following Gold Standard integration principles.

getting started

What are GSI and GSM?

Gold standard guidelines

Gold Standard Integration (GSI) and Gold Standard Marketing (GSM) are the guidelines we provide to ensure your business has a successful onboarding experience with HealthNow.

We use these outlines to ensure you get the most out of our product and that you are effectively guided, reducing time in the onboarding experience.

Helping you to;


Why follow our Gold Standard guidelines?

Research on consumer behaviour shows that 73% of consumers expect to be shown the transaction options they can use to purchase from a business and are more likely to buy or book-in when they are shown this information. We also note from our current partners that when our guidelines are followed and implemented effectively with online and in-store content displayed it increases customers engagement and overall satisfaction with greater acquisition of Health and Wellness services.

Present the information to your patients at the time that they expect to see it and secure the Appointment, Booking or Product Sold.

Onboarding your team

Training your staff for success

HealthNow has a dedicated customer success team whose sole responsibility is to support our partners in their onboarding process and ongoing needs. Ensuring you as a business leader are never left to add more tasks to your already busy schedule.

Part of our onboarding experience will include a dedicated virtual training and handover session, where a member of our customer success team will engage directly with members of your team to go through the details of HealthNow. Including, why HealthNow exists, what the solution can do, how to quickly explain it to patients/clients, how to use the provider portal, how to transact, how to gain support when needed and where to find additional training documentation.

A virtual onboarding session may take up to 30 minutes to conduct and further training support is available should it be required.

Our training documentation is kept up to date with all of our latest updates and service developments. It can be referred back to whenever there is a question regarding the utilization of the HealthNow solution.

Print marketing material

Setting up starts on-site

Being a HealthNow provider partner means we take care of the cost of your in-store marketing materials to ensure your customer you're providing more accessible care. Our print media has been designed to help your staff communicate with customers, explain the solution and provide a visual nudge to sign up.

Order your prints today

Simply submit a request form and our marketing team will post out the following In-store materials to you, key to your HealthNow provider success.

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Brand assets

How to display HealthNow's digital assets to show your an accessible provider.


Communicating HealthNow

Best practice for explaining and communicating HealthNow to customers.