Gold Standard customer communication

Working closely with our partners

Removing ambiguity in your business is a great way to increase customer satisfaction, purchase rate and increase your customer-driven word of mouth referrals.

Following your adoption and integration of the HealthNow platform, it is a great idea to communicate your new partnership message to your end-users. For your business, this is an opportunity to promote business development with a new service, an additional method of contact/content to keep customers engaged with changes in your organization and a  great general brand awareness exercise showing your innovation and belief in accessible healthcare.

The HealthNow team have put together the following suggested forms of content that you are easily able to modify to meet your specific use case needs and reduce your workload, while still having a massive practical impact.

Please feel free to adopt and use our gold standard suggestions at your leisure.

Title - HealthNow Payment Method 

Dropdown Copy - HealthNow offers patients the ability to transact with (Company Name) using both their Buy Now Pay Later solution and their self-insurance solution. 

HealthNow’s Buy Now Pay Later solution gives you as a patient the opportunity to spread the cost of your healthcare with (Company Name) over a period of 1-6 weeks in equal instalments that are automatically transacted from your nominated card or account attached to your HealthNow account.

All transactions with HealthNow are interest-free and there is no cost associated with your account creation or sign-up.  

HealthNow’s self-insurance solution allows you as a health user to transact with (Company Name), from the money that you and potentially your employer has been adding to your HealthNow self-insurance account. 

Using HealthNow is as a user is free for you to sign up and there is no interest on any buy now pay later transactions. To learn more, you can visit www.healthnow.co.nz 

Adding messaging about HealthNow at the bottom of your automated emails is a great way to share the new accessibility message about your brand. There are many forms of emails that you may already be using including booking confirmations, automated marketing messages or enquiry messages.

By adding reference to HealthNow in these emails you will assist your brand in increasing the user engagement of payment methods that your brand offers and how they can access your service with ease.

We would also suggest adding some additional key branding messages which you are sharing in your organization at the current moment. These could be a special offer, new product or other health-promoting activity.

Suggested content for email marketing:

At (Company Name), We accept the following forms of payment for our products/services. 


Credit Card 

Bank Transfer/deposit 

HealthNow Transactions 

Insurance companies 

Or an email banner

Or incorporating a HealthNow sticker into email signatures

Email payment request/invoice 

If you are an organization that uses email as a form of sending invoices or payment requests, we suggest you add methodologies of payment to these emails to ensure your customer understands how to transact with you, making it as easy and clear as possible on how a customer can pay significantly increases the speed of transacting.

Email reminding a customer of an outstanding amount owed to the business*** 

You can pay for (service received ) with one of the following mechanisms. 

Paying at our physical location using 


Credit Card 


Paying over the phone or virtually using 

Debit/credit card 

Healthnow transactions 

Paying via an online payment window 


(stripe, payment express, windcave ETC)

HealthNow transactions 

Or via 

Bank transfer.  

Please email or make contact if you wish to make a payment that requires administrative support. 

Text confirmation 

At the end of a customer text message - adding your preferred payment options is a great way to remind the consumer to prepare their payment. 

Thanks for booking with (Company Name)... at X time on Y date.

Any Additional messaging. 

We look forward to seeing you at your appointment!
(Company name)

We Accept 

Cash, Eftpos, Credit/debit and HealthNow transactions. 

Text request for invoice payment

Text follow up for the cost of service is a great method to remind an individual of the cost associated with a service if the cost was not collected at the time of service or needs to be prepaid. Text messages on average are opened within 3mins or receiving and have much higher rates of engagement compared to email. Using an email as follows will provide an effective customer experience and increase payment rates. 

‘Hi name, 

We hope you enjoyed your experience with us on date. Just a friendly reminder that you have an outstanding balance with (company name).

It is essential to the continuation of our great company that we receive the amount owed for this service and have to provide you with a list of payment options to make it as easy as possible. 

You can settle your account with us by paying 


Over the phone 


Using eftpos, credit, debit or HealthNow transactions. 

Please contact us should you have any concerns

This is an automated message

Phone call to update a patient on outstanding amounts owed

Calling patients to remind them of amounts owed can feel uncomfortable. Remember that we have all forgotten a bill in our time and in most cases the friendly reminder is an additional layer of your service to a customer. It’s also important to ensure that you have a script as to what you intend to say when you engage with a customer on the phone so you feel comfortable and confident with your message. 

Our suggestion is as follows, 

“Hi name, 


I’m calling to remind you about the amount owing on your account for a service we provided on X date.

It’s really important we close off this account as it makes it challenging for our business to continue trading successfully when we have amounts outstanding. 

I thought it would be of value to let you know about some payment methods that make it easy without having you come into the clinic. 

Credit card over the phone, 

Payment window 

HealthNow transaction 

Bank transfer 

Do you have a preferred method of payment that suits you best? 

Great, just so i can update your account information, when do you think you would like to process that transaction? 


Thanks so much, 

  1. Ill send that transaction to you now to complete 
  2. Over the phone - can i have your HN number or credit card? 
  3. Ill email you to confirm once payment is received

In-person updating a patient on the ability to pay.

Updating a patient on their ability to pay in-store is a conversation that needs to be navigated appropriately to ensure that the patient feels empowered about their financial independence and ability to spread the associated cost or use differing payment methodology. 

Customer enquires about HealthNow or raises concern on cost. 

At ‘the company’, we are committed to ensuring that our service is accessible and as easy as possible to access. That is why we partner with HealthNow as a payment provider to allow you to spread the cost of your health with no interest. You can sign up in min’s and you will be able to spread the cost over 2-6 weeks with no interest! 🙂