Gold standard HealthNow Integration Practice

Working closely with our partners

Now that you are an approved HealthNow Partner we are here to support your successful utilization of the solution, driving both business and patient outcomes. Our integration and marketing guidelines not only improve your patient’s experience but also build a more seamless brand experience with your organization. 

Our brand assets attached below are designed to inform patients about HealthNow in your clinic/store and convert more patients that are on the fence into transacting health users.

Our key messages are tried, tested and proven to drive results for you, your business and your patients. 

We are constantly refining our product to meet our mutual patient’s expectations of an effective customer experience, this means that you may notice changes in our website and our marketing material. In most cases, we will make you aware of any big changes to our provider mailer! 


Price calculator


How it works pop up


It is really important to consumers to know how much they are going to pay for a service before they access it. With the HealthNow active widget, you can quickly display how much easier it will be to access your service if they would use HealthNow

To increase your patient engagement with your service, use our dynamic widget that pops up and quickly explains how to use HealthNow with you

Header Strip

A great place to show important messages like contact information, online booking and now your ability to take healthnow transactions.

Another great tool to increase your business success. This widget tool allows a simple pop up from the header logo without taking a customer off your page. Keeping your consumers engaged with you, your brand and your service.

Show your customers what types of payments you accept and help them understand how to transact with you.

Don’t forget to add in your HealthNow logo