Welcome to the
Accessible Health Family.

Together we are able to create many more accessible health and wellness opportunities for patients while increasing business opportunities for you and your health-based business. We are committed to working with you to ensure your ongoing success with Gold Standard integration principles. Your success is our success!

What are GSI and GSM?

Gold Standard Integration (GSI) and Gold Standard Marketing (GSM) are the guidelines we provide to ensure your business has a successful onboarding experience with HealthNow.

We use these outlines to ensure you get the most out of our product and that you are guided to reduce over utilization of effort in the onboarding experience.




Why follow our Gold Standard guidelines?

Research on consumer behaviour shows that 73% of consumers expect to be shown the transaction options they can use to buy from a business and are more likely to buy or book when they are shown this information. We also note from our current partners that when an in-store sign is displayed it provides customers with more confidence to acquire a service with less resistance.

Present the information to your patients at the time that they expect to see it and secure the Appointment, Booking or Product Sold.

HealthNow is continually modifying our patient journey in line with the real-time information that we receive to ensure that your patients get a seamless, trusted and secure experience through our solution.

We know that when patients are exposed to the ability to use HealthNow as a transaction solution, they are

More likely to book an appointment with you 70+%
More likely to continue with follow on treatment or sign into longer-term arrangements 80%
Find it easier to access the additional care or product they need to recover fully.


HealthNow is a reporting financial entity under the CCCFA Act in addition to meeting other compliance requirements with our banking and payments providers. Please ensure that you continue to work within the compliance schedule set out in our merchant terms and conditions.