Employer aid

Health insurance or Employer Aid: The Health Initiative That Works

Whether we take extremely good care of our health and well-being daily, or we’ve spent decades putting it ...
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Lockdown Fatigue: Why You Need To Give Yourself A Break

We’re living through a global health crisis. And we’re reminded of it every single day. We have daily ...
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How does inflation affect health access?

How does inflation affect health access? Great question. Let's take a little look together.  Generally speaking, inflationary cycles ...
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How to get the most from your workout?

Are These Four Vitamins Holding You Back From Getting The Most From Your Workout? When you put aside ...
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how to create a health budget

How to create a health budget

If you want to learn more about how to create a budget for your healthcare and how to ...
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Get your employer to care about your health

Health is wealth as they say, and it is time we start looking after our physical and mental ...
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Conceiving Naturally: Get Everything You Need With HealthNow

Whether you’re trying for your first baby or adding to your brood, the journey to parenthood is an ...
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Delay health

Delaying Getting Your Health Sorted? Here’s The Real Damage It May Be Causing

We already lead perpetually busy lives - and when we add COVID precautions into the mix, we all ...
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feeling fatigued

Feeling Fatigued? You May Be Missing These Important Vitamins

Feeling Fatigued? You May Be Missing These Important Vitamins Feel like you’ve accepted being drained and fatigued as ...
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Hidden costs of healthcare

The Hidden Costs of Healthcare

Citizens and residents of New Zealand are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a low-cost health system ...
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Woman waiting at ED

Tired Of The Long Wait At ED? How To Be Seen Faster

Whether it’s for ourselves or our kids, when we’re headed to the emergency department (ED), most of us ...
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Pay For Your Health Costs

How To Pay For Your Health Costs – Even If You Don’t Have Enough Money In Your Account today

When things go wrong, or when we want to prioritise our health, accessing the health services we need ...
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Skin checks

Worried About Skin Cancer? Checks Without The Upfront Cost

New Zealand’s skin cancer rates are the highest in the world - with the rate of melanomas developing ...
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The impact of Covid on technology in healthcare

The current COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the practice of primary health care in many ways. In the past ...
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DNA testing kit

DNA Testing In NZ: What Can It Tell You – And Should You Get It?

Since the initial completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003, which gave humankind the ability to read ...
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Shockwave therapy

Shockwave: The Key To Treating Your Foot, Leg, Shoulder Or Arm Pain?

The past decade has seen New Zealand’s physios, podiatrists and a range of musculoskeletal health professionals welcome ‘shockwave’ ...
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Weight loss

How Can A Dietitian Help Me Lose Weight?

Are you one of the seven out of ten New Zealanders who have been on a weight loss ...
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What Does A Pharmacist Do?

Anytime you’ve received a prescription from your doctor, dentist or other health professional, it’s a pharmacist that has ...
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Healthcare provider

How to choose the right healthcare provider

Finding the right healthcare provider is simultaneously a difficult task and an important one. Several factors enter the ...
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Patient Self-Insurance

Patient Self-Insurance & Employer Aid: Dedicated Funds For Health Services. Is Your Clinic Prepared?

Is your clinic missing out on new patients or adequate follow-up care of existing patients due to limited ...
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Sort Your Hell Pain

Heel Pain: Relief Now, Pay Later

Get heel pain when you walk? You’re not alone. Heel pain is one of the most common complaints ...
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future of healthcare

What does the future of healthcare look like?

Maintaining the rate of growth within innovation is critical during this pandemic era. It has created a need ...
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Physio and Foam Rolling

Physio & Foam Rolling: Accelerate Your Shoulder Recovery At Home

Battling a shoulder injury? Our shoulders are complex joints that need proactive care when they’re injured in order ...
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Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

How To Reduce Your Healthcare Costs

When it comes to reducing your healthcare costs, we are on your side. We know how difficult it ...
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Mental Health Help

How To Get Mental Health Help Now – Without Waiting Lists & Delays 

New Zealand’s demand for mental health services is skyrocketing. The 2018 mental health inquiry acknowledged the magnitude of ...
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Innovative health sector

Healthcare can be costly – It’s a known fact.

The worst part about this -  The cost for health and wellness services are prohibiting us from accessing ...
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Telehealth: Premium Healthcare From The Comfort Of Your Home

Fueled by COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions, recent years have seen a rapid surge in the number of telehealth ...
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National Health Survey

Don’t Wait Until Payday To Pick Up The Prescription You Need

According to Pharmac, the New Zealand government agency responsible for deciding which medicines and health products are funded, ...
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Pay later for diabetes treatment

Could You Be Living With Diabetes And Not Know It

By the time diabetes is diagnosed, the consequences on your health may already be life or limb-threatening. Studies ...
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Pay later for diabetes treatment

Diabetes: Delaying Seeing A Dietitian Is Costing More Than Your Health

New Zealand has reached “epidemic proportions” of type two diabetes. 5% of the population currently lives with diabetes, ...
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Reasons for expensive healthcare services

Why Is Healthcare So Expensive?

We don’t need to carry out extensive research or a nationwide survey to know that one question is ...
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Provider dashboard

Virtual consult payment solution

You are a healthcare provider, thrown into the depths of lockdown. You quickly realize that although you may ...
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Accessible health services

Making Your Health Service Accessible, Doesn’t Mean Lowering Your Prices.

How many patients do you think have neglected care in the last 12 months because of cost? Answer ...
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fully contactless way to pay

HealthNow launches secure and simple, completely contactless way to pay

HealthNow provides a fully contactless way to pay for your healthcare, Gone are the days of giving your ...
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Pay later for your healthcare

Buy Now, Pay Later for your healthcare

The solution you have been waiting for! Buy Now - Pay later for your healthcare. Get the care ...
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Barrierless experience

A barrierless healthcare experience

HealthNow - A Barrierless Healthcare Experience. HealthNow is here to reframe how you, as a health customer/patient, think ...
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Make your home healthy

Make your home healthy

I'm sure all of us at some point in our lives have come across mould, whether we have ...
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The man behind accessible healthcare

We caught up with Steve today, stealing him away from his natural habitat to ask him a series ...
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