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To use HealthNow, first you will need to sign up. Once you have signed up, you will be able to find a HealthNow approved site through our ‘Find Health’ function. 

All you need to do now is get the healthcare you need, tell the health providing site that you would like to pay with HealthNow and progress through the transaction process with the staff member at the point of sale.

You can find HealthNow approved sites on our map function. Our HealthNow approved sites are represented by our HealthNow logo and will contain additional information our merchants sites provide us for you to access

On our map function, you will also find other locations that are not yet HealthNow approved, this is to ensure you can find and access the health you need when you need it.

As a HealthNow user, you will receive an initial breakdown of your payments at the time of transaction and reminders about your upcoming payment before it is due via email and a notification. We also provide you a 24 hour grace period to resolve any missing payments should they occur. If you miss a payment after the 24 hour grace period, we will apply a $7 late payment penalty and provide you an additional 6 days to resolve the outstanding debt. If it is still outstanding after 6 days, we will apply a further $7 penalty. 

100% of revenue from late payments is applied to our research and development to reduce future late payments and ensure that we generate the funds necessary to cover the businesses cost of funding, ensuring that HealthNow is able to continue to make healthcare accessible into the future.

Of course! HealthNow will let you buy as many items as you require in your health and wellness journey up to your current total spend limit as found in your account.

Of course! HealthNow will let you buy as many items as you require in your health and wellness journey from as many merchants as you choose to use HealthNow with, up to your current total spend limit as found in your account.

You can contact our help and support team via 




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If you are having trouble with your account. Before you contact help and support, please attempt a password reset. If you have already attempted this and there is no apparent reason why your account would not be working please contact help and support at

HealthNow is constantly working with merchants to bring them on as HealthNow approved sites. If you have a specific site that you would like to use HealthNow at, we would love to hear about it at We will go and approach them individually as soon as possible to see if they are interested in filling your request.

The best thing you can do to get more merchants in your area is to tell us who you would like to see using HealthNow and tell the merchant about us. A good organisation listens to its customers.

As per our T’s and C’s. All refunds that are processed for a purchase made using HealthNow must be processed back through HealthNow. This is a requirement set by our banking partners to mitigate any AML risk. 

In an event where you need to process a refund, you will follow the normative refund process of contacting the merchant to request a refund. 

You will then need to contact your refund support team at ensuring that you complete the form in its entirety so we can find your service and contact the service provider to request the refund of funds we have paid to the service provider to return them to you. 

HealthNow is NOT the issuer of the treatment or product and is unable to process a refund to you as an end-user before the merchant has refunded us. 


In the event that a merchant breaches their merchant terms and does provide you with a direct refund, your obligations to pay HealthNow will continue till the amount owed to HealthNow is restored in full.

You can update your card attached to your account via your account settings tab under settings. All you need to do is update your card with a valid card and our system will do the rest.

Note that if you update a card in the middle of a transaction process, all transactions that are due will be conducted off the card that was attached at the time of transaction unless you manually pay off all outstanding amounts manually through the pay now function.

Alternatively if you do not want any more payments to come out of your previous card you can manually pay for any remaining instalments with a updated card on the payments page.

We understand that sometimes life throws curve balls our way, see our hardship process Here

We love to collect your feedback. If you wish to raise your concerns about a merchant, you can do so on the help and feedback tab in the app. Note that our approved merchants are not part of HealthNow and we only assist you with transacting with them. We will pass on your concerns and your contact if you advise us to do so in the complaint form.

If you would like to provide us with some constructive feedback to help us improve you can email or submit an enquiry below. If you would like us to contact you, please ask us to do so in the message. We would love to work out a solution to your concern. 

Updating your account details is easy! Just navigate to your settings tab then go to personal settings and hit the update button. You will note that some of your information isn’t able to be updated. This is because HealthNow is a reporting financial entity and is required to conduct ‘know your customer provisions’. This means some information requires sighting and sign off to modify such as name, DOB ETC. 

When you have updated your non approved information hit save! 


If you wish to update information that requires approval you can do so by selecting updated personal information and uploading a supporting form of documentation.

HealthNow QR codes should be scannable on all devices that can scan a QR code. Your phone may not come as standard with QR code scanning software. Please download QR scanning software from the App store or Google Play and try again. Alternatively, everything HealthNow related can be found in-app or via our website.

Yes, If you are an international, you are able to use HealthNow while you are here if you complete the appropriate steps in the sign-up process. All transactions will be completed in New Zealand dollars from your nominated card and HealthNow is not liable for any conversion charges associated with your transaction. 

HealthNow has clearly defined privacy policies Here for you to read. We can assure you that we are very particular with personal data and ensuring that your data is kept safe and used appropriately.

If you wish to delete you account get in touch with us at 

Please note that your account can not be deleted with you have open transactions.

we have a legislative responsibility to keep all information on file for 7 years as do so in a secure manner to ensure your information is safe and we are meeting our responsibilities.

Yes, we will keep your information secure for a period of 7 years in line with our legislative requirements as an operator in the healthcare and payments facilitating space.

Of course! This is of utmost importance to HealthNow. HealthNow has a series of compliance requirements to meet with both our banking facilitator and card distributors. HealthNow has continued to meet its compliance requirements and will continue to keep your information safe and secure.

HealthNow is committed to you as a user being able to use the application within your financial capabilities. To ensure you are never put in a position of financial hardship or strain. We have adopted a transaction limit function where we are able to support you with guidance rails on how much to have on a HealthNow term at any one time. The amount will increase as you use the system and we build our relationship. You can increase your spend limit quicker if you wish to by completing our financial feasibility tool and providing proof of weekly income and confirming that you would like us to credit check your account. We would like to re-stress the importance of using the system within your capabilities. Please use HealthNow responsibly and within your financial capability.

Like most applications, we rely on the internet to communicate between the merchant and you! You will need to have your cellular data turned on in all HealthNow interactions. Or alternatively have a wifi connection.

Yes, you can use HealthNow for others, however the application works best for you. 

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