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Our help team are always on hand to resolve your issues, check out our FAQ's first to see if there's already information on your enquiry or problem.

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  1. First you will need to sign upcreating an account takes only a minute and is completely free.
  2. Find an accessible HealthNow provider on our site or within our app. Then access the health service or product you need.
  3. Let the provider know you want to pay using HealthNow and follow the transaction process.

You can find our trusted HealthNow providers here.

As a HealthNow user, you will receive an initial breakdown of your payments at the time of transaction and reminders about your upcoming payment before it is due via email and a notification. We also provide you a 24 hour grace period to resolve any missing payments should they occur. If you miss a payment after the 24 hour grace period, we will apply a $7 late payment penalty and provide you an additional 6 days to resolve the outstanding debt. If it is still outstanding after 6 days, we will apply a further $7 penalty. 

100% of revenue from late payments is applied to our research and development to reduce future late payments and ensure that we generate the funds necessary to cover the businesses cost of funding, ensuring that HealthNow is able to continue to make healthcare accessible into the future.

Of course! HealthNow will let you access as much health and wellness from as many providers as you need, as long as its within your spend limit. 

If you wish to delete you account get in touch with us at Help@healthnow.co.nz 

Please note that your account can not be deleted if you have open transactions.

We have a legislative responsibility to keep all information on file for 7 years as do so in a secure manner to ensure your information is safe and we are meeting our responsibilities.

You can change your personal information under the account details tab on the app. Note that some of your information is not able to be changed.

If you wish to update information that requires approval you can do so by emailing help@healthnow.co.nz

You can find what your borrow limit is on the app under card details. By default your borrow limit starts at $300.

This indicates the maximum transactional amount you can have owing at one time. If you want to increase your borrow limit you can fill out a credit check application on the app.

Yes. This is of utmost importance to HealthNow. HealthNow has a series of compliance requirements to meet with both our banking facilitator and card distributors. HealthNow has continued to meet its compliance requirements and will continue to keep your information safe and secure.

To increase your borrow limit simply fill out the details on our credit check application. We will respond to inform you if your credit score meets our minimum requirements.

Please use HealthNow responsibly and within your financial capability.

To change your primary card you can add a new card on the card details page, that card will automatically become your primary payment method. 

Any owing payments will still be deducted from the card you used at the time of starting the transaction. If that card is no longer in use or has no funds you can manually pay the remaining transactions within the wallet function.

We understand that sometimes life throws curve balls our way, see our hardship process Here

HealthNow is constantly working with health providers to get them signed on as accessible providers. If you have a specific site that you would like to use HealthNow at, we would love to hear about it at.

Email us at Feedback@healthnow.co.nz. or send us an enquiry below with the provider you want to be able to access with HealthNow. We will let them know and try get them signed on.

The best thing you can do to get more merchants in your area is ask them if they provide our solution while you're in store.

Provider FAQ's

If you cant find what your looking for here you can submit a help ticket on our website here or through the merchant portal.

If you need to update or change any of your account information you need to email merchantsupport@healthnow.co.nz 

An Instore HealthNow transaction takes less than 30 seconds from entering the transaction code on the provider end to the user selecting and confirming their plan.

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Send us your enquiry and our help team will get back to you as soon as possible, the help team will usually respond via email the same day. If you require a more rapid response our Facebook message system is direct and our messenger help team will usually respond within an hour.