Suggested Standard Operating Procedures

HealthNow is committed to making Healthcare accessible through the utilization of our solution. We recognize, as with any new tool, it is best utilized when there is effective training and supporting documentation on how the tool is utilized practically. We want to ensure the utilization of HealthNow is simple, seamless and comfortable for all members of the organization. In addition, it is essential that all members have a confident stance on how to communicate its use to a patient/client to promote the most effective customer experience in your business. 

The following document makes suggestions on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) to assist you in team training and successful utilization of the HealthNow tool to increase opportunities for the patient and the business.

HealthNow is a health-specific financial tool that makes healthcare more accessible through 2 primary patient-controlled solutions. 

1- HealthNow’s Buy Now, Pay Later solution.
This allows patients to access the care they need today and spread the cost of this care over time which no interest or fees. While still ensuring that the business providing the service is paid in full today! 

2- HealthNow’s Self Insurance solution. 

This allows patients and their employers to put money aside specifically for their health needs to cover costs when they do arise.

In most cases, you will only be required to explain the solution for a user that is completely new to HealthNow and state that they are interested in the solution when you propose it as an option.  

From our experience, we see the following as a normative example of an interaction with an end-user that requests an explanation. This may occur at the receptionist level or at the provider of care level depending on where the selection of services and introduction of cost for service is taking place. 

Patient - requests to know the cost of service 

Respondent - Advises on the cost of service (if it is known that this is a common point of contention due to high price point, introduce HealthNow here) 

Patient - reports unwillingness to go ahead with the service due to cost, mentions returning later to pay or asks about interim temp solutions. 

Respondent - explains the importance of the clinical product, expresses how important the accessibility of the solution is and mentions that your organization partners with HealthNow to allow patients to spread to cost over time with no interest or fees. 

As the respondent, you may be required at this point to provide a brief explanation of how the solution works. 

We have created this infographic to support you in this process