Responsive Healthcare

HealthNow plays a key role in the establishment
of responsive healthcare services

Private healthcare organizations are required to meet their organisational financial needs to sustain their businesses and ensure that they are able to continue operations and provide Healthcare to their respective communities. At the same time, healthcare providers and businesses want to ensure that they are able to facilitate the care when it is needed leading to situations of conflict where medical companies have traditionally attempted to act as both banks and medical companies providing facilities and care to their clients. This has exposed the medical businesses to risk and discomfort as they are unable to meet the cost needs of their businesses and inevitably lose the ability to best serve their clients.

HealthNow resolves this concern for both doctors and patients. Providing doctors with the ability to provide responsive healthcare at the time it is needed and patients the ability to access the service they need as it is needed and before they potentially have the capacity to afford or facilitate payment. Essentially providing a cheaper upfront cost service that is paid overtime.

A responsive healthcare environment leads to patients accessing care at the time it is needed, by a provider that is able to facilitate the treatment, in an environment that suits the patient. Responsive healthcare leads to better health outcomes for patients and reduces the long term cost of healthcare, which, if not managed acutely can become extensive with time.