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You are a healthcare provider, thrown into the depths of lockdown.

You quickly realize that although you may still be able to work in some capacity using telehealth and video calls you have no way to efficiently transact with your patients/customers.

WHY? Because as health professionals the majority of us don’t have an online payment gateway through our patient management system! This issue has never been exposed before as the majority of our business has always been face to face…

What do you do?

Try and make do with the current situation right?

Send out invoices to your customers with bank account details only to have to chase payment at a later date?

Takedown credit card numbers to process through the EFTPOS terminal? – here’s hoping you’re not writing them down on paper or into the patient file first to process later.

Or add it to the patient account to transact at a later date (when they next come in)? Leaving you as a business out of pocket for months, i not longer.

At HealthNow, we quickly saw and felt this issue too. Coming from a health business background, we know how difficult non-payment for treatment provided is. You’re essentially becoming a bank for your patients just because you don’t have a solution for them to easily pay you NOW?!?!

So, as any organization that listens to its customer’s needs would.  We went away and created a solution!

HealthNow offers the easiest way to take secure payments NOW over telehealth, video call or properly contactless in face to face situations (no tapping of a card on a terminal that hundreds of other patients have touched.

  • A solution that meets both bank and card issuer compliance requirements.
  • A solution that requires next to no work to adapt to your medical business and start using.

Reach out if you are sick of chasing patients for payment, want a solution to transacting and are interested to learn more about HealthNow for your medical business,

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