fully contactless way to pay

HealthNow launches secure and simple, completely contactless way to pay

HealthNow provides a fully contactless way to pay for your healthcare, Gone are the days of giving your credit card details over the phone, or entering the long bank account details your health provider gives you on an invoice after an appointment or manually typing your credit card details in a payment window every single time you need to transact! It’s slow, uncomfortable and there is a risk for errors with every long entry. 

HealthNow gives you a secure, simple and fast payment solution for your healthcare experience. Whether you want to Buy Now and Pay Later for your healthcare expenses or Pay Now in full, HealthNow has you covered with a completely secure and contactless payment solution!

Originally, we focused our efforts on ensuring all individuals in the community could get the healthcare they needed when they needed it. We knew that by allowing you as a health user to spread your healthcare cost over multiple weeks with our Buy Now Pay Later product we could do just that, give you the user more power over your health and make health more accessible! 

Recently, we have seen the challenge and hassle that Covid has created when transacting with the healthcare system. As health users we are forced to pay over the phone and video calls, manually typing out bank account numbers for transfer or passing our precious card numbers out to multiple merchants over the phone. We recognized an opportunity to simplify your payment experience further with a more simple and secure solution.  

With HealthNow, you input your card information ONCE into a secure payment window that has met the highest level of penetration testing where it is tokenized to secure your information further. Then when you need to transact, HealthNow creates a specific 4 digit transaction code that is valid for 3 min for that one-off transaction. You then can give that code to a valid HealthNow merchant to make a secure contactless transaction over the phone, video call or in person. You even get to double confirm the transaction before it’s completed to ensure the payment amounts are correct and so you can select if you would like to PayNow or later, it doesn’t matter to your health provider what you choose, they are paid instantly either way!   

Use a simpler, more secure payment experience with HealthNow and open up the ability to pay now or later for your healthcare as it is needed. 

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