We are making healthcare accessible for everyone

Never neglect or delay your health again. HealthNow provides a financial solution that gives you control of your health. Manage how you access care, when you need it.

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What do we offer?

HealthNow BNPL

Health now, Pay later

Our solution offers users the ability to pay for health products and services over the course of up to 6 weeks. Interest free.

HealthNow wallet

Self insurance

Subscribe to your future health needs by contributing weekly in advance. Wallet funds are ready to use when you need them.

HealthNow employer aid

Employer aid

Socially responsible employers contributing to their employees future health needs. Keeping employees happy, healthy, and engaged.

Health now, Pay later

Never delay your health again, when you can pay later.


Our ethical health specific Buy Now, Pay Later solution is simple and free to use. You can use HealthNow at participating health providers to spread the cost of health expenses and get the care you need, when you need it. We even give you control to choose your repayment period, anywhere from 1 - 6 weeks. HealthNow is Always interest free.

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    Delay payment, not treatment

    Don't wait to get care, put your health first and spread the pain of payment. The faster you access care, the quicker you can get back the best version of you.

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    Choose your spread

    Restoring financial freedom by allowing you to choose how many weeks you want to spread your payments over. 

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    Better health journey

    HealthNow simplifies your health journey, from the moment of trying to find care to the moment of payment, we set you up for health success.

Self insure for your future health

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    Make manual contributions

    Putting a bit away now, adds up to a lot when you need it later. Manual contributions allow you to add however much you want when ever you want.

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    Subscribe to future health

    Choose from one of our subscription plans to ensure you've got enough to cover your health needs in the future. Automatically adding funds so it's available when the time comes.

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    Use at any health services

    With trusted partners in every sector of health, you have complete freedom to spend your self insurance contributions where you need.

Fund your health ahead of time so you're always prepared.

When it comes to health expense it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. We give you the tools to contribute in advance and save you from the scare of out of pocket health cost.

HealthNow employer aid

Employer aid - be an employer of choice

Employer contributions for healthier employees

Giving companies the opportunity to be a part of their employees health journey. HealthNow provides the system for employers to contribute funds to their employees digital Health Wallet. Research shows that when employers support the health and wellness of their employees it;

- Leads to happier and more engaged work environments
- Reduces unplanned or enlongated sick periods
- Increases productivity


Encouraging proactive health

Employers contributing to healthcare promotes employee acquisition of health. Funds contributed are interlinked with our trusted network of health providers across every sector of health. Inspire prompt health decision making that benefit employees long term health.


Creating stronger relations

Build stronger internal networks by prioritizing employees health. Be an employer of choice who promotes the importance of health and wellness in the workspace and shows they value their employees. Increase employee satisfaction and retention with HealthNow.


Start your better health journey

Sign up takes less than 2 minutes, our app is all in browser so you don't even have to download anything, plus theres no credit check on sign up so you can start transacting straight away! Open doors for your health, remove financial barriers and give you access to the healthcare you need when you need it.

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