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Build Interiors

Sam talks about how ‘staying healthy and well is key’, Build Interiors values, and understands that an employee's health and wellbeing directly affect the person's ability to perform at work.

TPW – Total property works

“As Director, my top priority is the well-being and productivity of our workforce, and HealthNow has proven to be a game-changer.” Chris Brebner – TPW Director


“This benefit has emerged as a game-changer to support our team and provide a differentiated value proposition.” Guy Day – Managing Director

Turf and Drainage

“We recognised the immense value this product could bring to our team. It provides our staff with immediate access to healthcare providers... ” Nick Freeman – Managing Director


“Mackleys is grateful to the team at Health Now. This benefit is crucial as it encourages employees to prioritise their health and well-being.” Bridgett Downes – People and Culture Manager

Acrow Group

As a business we have been very mindful of the impacts the last 2 years have had on the mental health and fatigue levels...

Raw Essentials

Walking into Raw Essentials HQ you very quickly get the feeling that for most people working there it’s about more than a job, they love pets.


Deciding to build a software product to help couples manage their lives and importantly find time to spend quality time together

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