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Within the email, you will see a button that will take you to the HealthNow App to complete your account creation.

First you will require you to set up your personal password. Once you have created a password and logged in, you will be prompted to go through the remainder of the onboarding process. As part of our know your customer process, we will require you to have a valid ID as well as completing facial recognition. 

Insert or swipe your card into the eftpos terminal. Select credit on the eftpos machine. Enter your pin. Press enter

As HealthNow will be providing you with a HealthNow Mastercard, we are required to complete processes similar to banks called AML and KYC. This information will only be used in the process of onboarding and ordering your HealthNow Card from the NZ Card Burau. 

Once you have completed your Account Activation and your card is received, it will automatically be attached to your personal HealthNow account. You will need to activate your card on the application before using the card. 

If you login to your HealthNow account via the website, your balance will be displayed on the homepage. 

You can also use an ATM to view your balance, but cash cannot be withdrawn. 

If you login to your HealthNow account via the website, your accepted service types will be displayed on the homepage. If you are unsure, please contact the HealthNow support team using the chat function in the bottom right hand corner on both the application and the website. 

Yes, the HealthNow card can be used like any other Debit Card. (As long as it is used within your approved sector services – check your HealthNow account to find out where you can use your funds)

Yes, you will just need to manually add the card through your virtual Wallet settings. 

If you login to your HealthNow account you will be able to view your transaction history on the bottom of your home page. You can also click to increase the number of transactions shown on your history if required. 

You will need to pay the remaining amount using another payment method. I.e Debit Card, Cash, Credit Card etc.
You can block your card via your HealthNow account under your account settings. To order another card, you will need to communicate with your organization. If you cannot locate your card it is important you complete the blocking process as soon as possible.

HealthNow does not charge any fees to use your HealthNow Card. You may be subjected to merchant charges at the terminal as you would with any other payment card. These charges are at the discretion of the service provider you are purchasing from. 

Yes, once you have received your card and activate the card within the application, you will be asked to set up a pin number for your card. 

You can either contact us through the chat function on your HealthNow account, HealthNow website or by emailing us at

The transaction will decline. You can ask the merchant to make a split payment, paying the amount on your card using HealthNow and the remainder from other sources.

You have a number of options. Most computers and laptops have camera functionality so can be used for the process. Alternatively, you can borrow a phone or laptop or email: and we can contact you to arrange a manual verification process. 

Transactions should only decline if you are attempting to transact outside of your approved categories set by your employer or if you do not have enough balance in your account to transact against the current purchase or if your card has been blocked by either you or your employer.

HealthNow will send you a notification to communicate this to you at the time of a declined transaction. 

If you believe you have received a declined transaction fro any other reason, please contact HealthNow via the messaging function on the application of website 

Yes you can use your HealthNow debit card overseas, as long as it’s used within your approved sector type. You will be subjected to foreign exchange fees as you would with any other payment card. 

If you forget your PIN number, you can reset it via your HealthNow account under your account settings

Currently, Paywave is being implemented into the EFT system and isn’t currently live just yet. For the moment you will need to make transactions by inserting the card with the chip pointing towards the terminal. We expect payWave to be online in early 2024.

Your HealthNow card will work at your accepted categories your employer has agreed to support. You can click on the categories on the homepage of the application and it will take you to a google search of providers near you that fit the named category. 

Please email and we will give you a call and discuss how we can manually complete the verification. We may ask your employer to support in this endeavour.

Please email and we will give you a call and discuss how we can manually complete the verification. We may ask your employer to support in this endeavour.

Your employer will remove you from our system and your card will cease to be active 

Unused funds expire at the end of each year, this will be displayed on the App so you will know when the funds expire.Depending on our agreement with your employer, we may send push notifications to remind you of expiring balances

This will be displayed on the HealthNow App
Please keep your card as cards last for three years and most employers will be reloading funds on the card annually. Only destroy your card if your employer has advised that it will not be offering HealthNow as a benefit in the future.

To unblock a card, please email:

Our office hours are 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday but outside of this these times, we will do our best to respond to live chat

When the employee receives the card, they will go into the app and hit the ACTIVATE CARD button. This will take them to a screen to set a pin and they will do this and then the card will be live. within the health sectors permitted by your employer, which will be displayed on the app. Questions regarding where a particular card can be used can be sent to

How this is expressed is somewhat a matter for your employer. Our suggestion is that it be used for employees (ideally) and their immediate family if required. Fraud detection systems are in place to reduce the likelihood of misuse.
You should treat the card like you would an EFTPOS card or a Credit card. If it is lost, employees must promptly either freeze the card on the HealthNow app or advise your HR contact or email Each of the employee, your HR contact and Health Now will have the functionality to freeze the existing card. Your employer will need to request that HealthNow order a replacement card.

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