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‘The ROI of Employee Wellbeing in 2024’

In this report you’ll get:

  • Latest research globally on the state of wellness benefits
  • Quantitative data on the commercial return of investing in employee wellness 
  • Three pillars to measure the ROI of the investment

Some highlights include:

  • Research funded by US chamber of commerce identifies a return of $1.47 for every $1 invested in employee health.
  • Presenteeism is likely to cost an organisation 2x – 3x more than the cost of direct medical care and creates 27x more working days lost than absenteeism In a span of six years.
  • The value of companies stocks which were top performers of employee health programs appreciated by 235%, surpassing the 159% growth of the S&P 500

HealthNow is an innovative platform enabling organisations to provide a financial contribution to their employees via a HealthNow mastercard. This card can be used on the mastercard network at vendors within the sectors chosen by the organisation giving the control and simplicity to the organisation and freedom of choice, individualism and agency to the employee to seek the care they want, when and where they need it.

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