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You are a healthcare provider, thrown into the depths of lockdown. You quickly realize that although you may still be able to work in some capacity using telehealth and video calls you have no way to efficiently transact with your patients/customers. WHY? Because as health professionals the majority of us don’t have an online payment […]

Making Your Health Service Accessible, Doesn’t Mean Lowering Your Prices.

Accessible health services

How many patients do you think have neglected care in the last 12 months because of cost? Answer at the end – read on. Most healthcare professionals tend to agree that they wish they didn’t have to charge for their services, and that they know cost is a considerable barrier for patients accessing or entering […]

HealthNow launches secure and simple, completely contactless way to pay

fully contactless way to pay

HealthNow provides a fully contactless way to pay for your healthcare, Gone are the days of giving your credit card details over the phone, or entering the long bank account details your health provider gives you on an invoice after an appointment or manually typing your credit card details in a payment window every single […]

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